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Heat Exchanger & Condenser Coils

TSI manufacturers custom heat exchangers and condenser coils as well as micro-channel products. We manufacture these in our new state of the art aluminum production facility that launched in 2024. Our current available capacity is around 10 million pcs per year.

All products made to U.S. HVAC Industry Quality Standards and are tested in our own testing chambers.

Heat Exchanger & Condenser Coils

  • Made to Customer Specifications.
  • Leak/pressure tested.
  • Micro-channel and traditional heat exchangers.
  • High volume capacity available.
Air heat exchanger. Condenser unit


Aluminium heat exchanger
high efficiency heat, exchanger for reduce temperature of water liquid oil air for industrial factory. copper and aluminum fin assemble for good heat transfer. high power machine component
Air heat exchanger. Condenser unit

air handling unit Heat Exchanger Heating and Cooling Coils